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Stumbling Across the Finish Line in a Daze

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

All uploaded, all edited, all decorated — all done!

Well, at least the website is done for Dr. McClurken’s perusal. Group members went through a marathon of editing and site tweaking over the past several days. If the walls of the Digital Media Lab could only talk… oh, the stories it would tell! There was a lot of grinding away at proofreading, editing, adding needed details and pictures, and structuring for five hours without break, two days in a row. There was some discussion about rubber duckies, some “sprawling” was done, giggle fits were quelled, and general madness reigned.  People went a little loopy from staring at computer screens, but loopiness in the service of history seems noble enough to excuse the madness. It was incredibly productive overall, so the effort was worthwhile.

For the final editing stages, I made an appointment with the Writing Center on Friday and went over the site with a professional. It turned out to be the summer director of the Writing Center, so she had been with the school long enough to know a handful of the people the buildings were named for and it was a delight to hear her own stories. If we continue this project later, or if another group picks it up, than I would like to see about getting personal accounts of these people and buildings from experienced faculty. The lady mostly helped polish the grammar and readability aspects, but she reacted favorably to the site navigation and especially liked the quality of the pictures the group took.

The group began posting our fliers, but the rain dissuaded me from doing so. I plan on putting mine up in my residence hall and waiting until the weather is more clear so they have a better chance of surviving until the symposium.

And even more project updates, I finally heard back from the Office of Admissions. Apparently, my previous email got lost in some interdepartmental delegation confusion, but the lady who replied was very helpful. She was on the road at the time and mentioned she might use our site while she’s visiting other schools and while Admissions’ virtual tour is still in the works.

Enter the end-of-the-semester daze now.


Oh, and I mastered the art of finding HTML codes, copying them, and tweaking the final product to make pictures work on the site’s widgets. Victory!

Post-Presentation Stress Disorder

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

So…the presentations at the Research and Creativity day went well. My only regret is forgetting the camera at home and being unable to record the presentation for digital portfolios. We all had smooth transitions and the audience (the five that weren’t in our class) seemed particularly intrigued by our projects, as our group theorized was due to the more physical and emotional connection people have with the campus information. I missed a couple of the interesting facts I meant to include, but now they’ll be fresh and interesting when I use them at the Symposium. Practice, practice, practice.

All my research, citations, and photos are up on the site, which is a load off. Now, my primary task is editing and proofreading with Sam and Kay for the final due date next week. Sam is optimistic that we will have a final version of the site by Friday, which would certainly be ideal if we can meet that deadline.