GoogleEarth: Worldwide Awesome?

I think my internet connection was too slow to really use GoogleEarth this weekend, but I did give it a painful 15 minutes to try and make some sense out of it. It took a third of that time for just one address to completely manifest with the tools. An optimal connection really is a must, the tech presenter was not exaggerating about that. However, I’ve used it before, and my previous impressions were favorable. This was before they had the street view, which I hope to try when I get a better connection. If I was awed 4 years ago, I’m sure I’d be blown away now.

GoogleMaps is something I’ve used before when MapQuest is being sketchy. Building a map with just this tool’s features was still slow, given my parent’s wifi. It took awhile for the system to follow my mouse when I tried mapping from my house to Fredericksburg. I’m not sure these features are that useful for the Buildings group, but that may just be my trying time experimenting with it influencing the ay I see it. I believe others want to use it, but given that all the campus buildings are on a small plot of land, I’m not sure why such vast tools as GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth are necessary.


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