Hassan Made It Look Easy

Normal ink and paper resumes are difficult. Figuring out the balance between showing professionalism and showing personality is a challenge.

Building attractive websites is difficult. For those without much experience, navigating the ins and outs of web design, templates, widgets, and digital beauty is a challenge.

Designing a strong resume and portfolio on an aesthetically pleasing website is just painful. I tried experimenting with themes to make the routine WordPress format more attractive, but I kept losing the tools I wanted, like a custom header and menus. I cannot decide if it is okay to add other pictures (besides my senior photo) to the site, or if that would take away the professionalism. I thought it might be amusing to add a couple zombie pictures, or at least zombie film posters, to the portfolio. Or pictures of my schools to the education tab, but decided against all of it in my uncertainty.




One Response to “Hassan Made It Look Easy”

  1. kay21w says:

    Your portfolio looks great! I really like the pictures you used on your site! I think you balanced being professional with being inviting and your resume looked great! The only suggestion I have for you would be to not mention that you are not planning on being a teacher. Instead, I think it might have been better to focus on what you hope to do since that is what potential employers are interested in learning about perspective employees.