Post-Presentation Stress Disorder

So…the presentations at the Research and Creativity day went well. My only regret is forgetting the camera at home and being unable to record the presentation for digital portfolios. We all had smooth transitions and the audience (the five that weren’t in our class) seemed particularly intrigued by our projects, as our group theorized was due to the more physical and emotional connection people have with the campus information. I missed a couple of the interesting facts I meant to include, but now they’ll be fresh and interesting when I use them at the Symposium. Practice, practice, practice.

All my research, citations, and photos are up on the site, which is a load off. Now, my primary task is editing and proofreading with Sam and Kay for the final due date next week. Sam is optimistic that we will have a final version of the site by Friday, which would certainly be ideal if we can meet that deadline.


One Response to “Post-Presentation Stress Disorder”

  1. Laura says:

    I noticed a photographer coming in and out of our presentations. I’m not sure if we have access to the photos, where they are going, if they would be available to us, etc. but it would be something worth looking into. Like you, I also have somethings that I want to mention during our final presentation that maybe I did not get to during this one, so its great that we had a first run throughthat went relatively smooth for every group.